Organic Marketing

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Here at test 82 we deliver results by managing and growing your Pinterest account month to month.

By investing in Pinterest through us you’ll free your bandwith and make sure you dedicate time to what you do best. We are experts with three years working solely on Pinterest advertising.


Why Pinterest?


Buying Intention

The majority of Pinterest users log onto the site specifically to find products. Additionally 90% of weekly users use Pinterest for help in purcashing decisions.


Search Engine

Pinterest is a search engine where your customers are looking for your products. If you appear in the searches there is a high chance they’ll buy from you.


Brand Interaction

Pinterest is not a place for cat or dog pictures. It’s a platform for brand interaction where 78% of users find content from brands as useful.


Why Us?

To get the results you want from Pinterest requires at least posting 11 times a day with a mixture of your pins and other people pins. Additional to that you need to know what content to pin and what keywords to use(KEYWORDS ARE EVERYTHING). Also there is the right and wrong way of setting up your account, boards and pins. These are the reasons why we integrated a package that does everything for your the RIGHT WAY.


Our Solution: Pinterest Monthly Management

Our Pinterest monthly management service it’s one of the best ways of growing your account without having to put 20 hours a month into Pinterest. We deliver massive traffic to your website through a keyword-rich strategy that puts your products or services infront of your ideal customers.

You’ll have access to over 15 pin designs that will help you boost your traffic from Pinterest and you can even use them in your other social media channels.

A detailed weekly report to showcase the results we have for you with our 330 posts per month strategy.

*Disclosure: This is an organic Pinterest package, which means it takes more time to see results and that’s why all of our contracts are for three months.

Investment: $280 per month