How To Find A Pinterest Marketing Expert

Through the years I have found many Pinterest marketing ‘experts’, but i didn’t verified them well and i was just losing money. After almost five years working in the platform and more than two years as a Pinterest agency owner i’ve discovered that Pinterest is probably the most misunderstood platform from major social media channels. Pinterest is the world catalog of ideas and if your ‘expert’ understands it well he/she should know that the majority of the traffic that comes from Pinterest is through the search bar, which means that SEO optimization is everything.

A good Pinterest marketing expert should have four basic skills:

  1. Keywords: Pinterest is the search engine where people plan future purchases, which means that having the right keywords for your product or service is 50% of the work.

  2. Search Engine Optimization: After researching for the right keywords your expert should be able to know what things to optimize on Pinterest to rank at the top of the searches, some basic ones are profile, board name, board description, pin image and pin description.

  3. Creatives: Pinterest is a visual platform and having good and relevant creatives is what determines your click through rate. A good creative should have the maximum size of 600 x 1,260 and the keyword you’re trying to rank for in the image.

  4. Pay Per Click: Pinterest pay per click advertising is paying to appear at the top of relevant searches. A good Pinterest marketing expert will know that the average return on ad spend is 3X-4X with Pinterest pay per click advertising. You should always ask them about the ad budget and accounts that they’ve managed.

Now that you know the basic skills from a Pinterest marketing expert. Let’s answer the question of how to find a pinterest expert with three great websites:

  1. Upwork: The best outsourcing platform and you can filter candidates by their reviews and experience. I recommend Upwork if you are looking for a medium to long term project.

  2. Fiverr: If you’re looking for someone that can set up your account, boards and keywords Fiverr is the way to go, be sure to hire someone that has as many reviews as possible.

  3. AngelList: Great place to hire someone more like an employee to manage your Pinterest account, be sure to make at least one interview and ask about the skills i’ve mentioned before.

We are a Pinterest marketing agency with more than two years of experience and 27 Pinterest clients, so feel free to chat with us or visit our pricing page for more information or any question you have about Pinterest Marketing.