8 Pinterest Hacks To Grow Your Traffic

Pinterest has 200 million monthly active users and everyone wants to get a piece of the pie, but how can you boost the channel for your business? In this blog you’ll learn 8 of the Pinterest hacks that we apply with every client of Eco Studio.


Pinterest Hack #1: Search Engine Optimization

Pinterest is the world catalog of ideas and a search engine by excellence, which means that to get traffic to your products or posts you have to optimize your pin and content for relevant keywords that you’re potential customer is using in the search bar, this is probably the most misunderstood part of Pinterest and if you manage to optimize your profile, board title, board description, pin description, pin title and images for relevant keywords you’ll be outranking 90% of the businesses on Pinterest.


Pinterest Hack #2: Image Optimization

The Pinterest algorithm is able to read an image, if you optimize your pins for the words ‘blue maxi dress’, but you don’t optimize the image with those keywords you’ll have a difficult time ranking for the keywords. You can easily add text to your image on Canva.

You want to take as most space as possible in the Pinterest feed and to do that you’ll need vertical pins, the perfect image size for Pinterest is 600 X 1,260 pixels.


Pinterest Hack #3:Tailwind Tribes

Tailwind is by far the best tool for Pinterest and Tailwind tribes are a great way of boosting your pins and account. Tailwind tribes are basically groups where everyone shares and repin content from others, in a good tribe a pinner with 100K followers can come and repin your content which will make it appear on the feed of his 100K followers.


Pinterest Hack #4: Post Scheduling

Pinterest is a platform where you have to post frequently and usually the big question is ‘how many times a day should i pin?’, while there is no perfect answer for this the general rule of thumb suggests 11 pins per day, but you can go up to 50 pins without losing engagement. Clearly, you won’t be logging in to Pinterest 11 times per day to post and posting 11 pins at the same time is not beneficial, so what the majority of pinners do is schedule the content in advance, in one day you can schedule pins for two months.

Depending how much pins you can make and the content that you have 50%-80% of your pins should be shared from other Pinterest accounts.


Pinterest Hack #5: Followers Automation

Followers on Pinterest play the role of being the first ones who interact with your content and give the initial traction to rank in the search results.

We have a strategy where we follow users daily and a part of those users will follow us back, through hashtags you can find relevant people who you can follow at 5 per hour and at the end of the day you can easily have 30 new followers. To run our followers growth hacking strategy we use a software that works amazingly it’s PinPinterest and after the set up you just introduce the hashtags that are relevant for your business and let the software run for less than $1 a day and if you run it for one year you could have 11,000 followers just from the software.


Pinterest Hack #6: Group boards

Group boards will let you leverage your following by posting into groups that are relevant to your business. If you post into 5 group boards per day with 20K per group boards you’ll be exposing your pins to a 100K audience daily.

To get into group boards you need to be invited, but don’t worry you can ask for an invitation to the admin of the group which it’s the first profile picture of each group. Searching for group boards is easy just type ‘keyword + group board’.


Pinterest Hack #7: Retargeting

Pinterest is the platform where people plan future purchases, which means that they are not always going to buy the first time they see your product or service. Retargeting on Pinterest usually brings a 3X-6X Return on ad spend for good campaigns. Setting up retargeting ads is fairly simple and there is more information on the Pinterest ads section.


Pinterest Hack #8: Outsourcing

You can outsource your Pinterest management as you do with your Facebook and Instagram, we have another article on how to find a Pinterest expert. Giving your account to someone with experience on Pinterest is the best way to grow it fast and there are plenty of great Pinterest marketers who can help you.

Our agency offers Pinterest management service for different company sizes from Startups to big ecommerce companies. Feel free to visit our pricing page for more information.